5 Reasons You Should Avoid Free WordPress Themes

Selecting a WordPress theme for your blog is quite a tough decision because of the huge number and variety of free WordPress themes and Premium themes available in the market.

So, as a newbie blogger, are you thinking to start your first blog with a free theme and then change […]

Some Great Ways of Making Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

Internet has become such a dire necessity of our lives that it isn’t any more restricted to a personal PC or a laptop. A number of people now prefer using the Internet on their handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. If you are able to provide good user experience […]

What makes a good free theme?

There are many thousands of free themes for WordPress, but they are not all created equal. We would say as WP developers that a great many of them are quite old, not updated since initial release, and are no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress CMS.

Here we […]

Is a Premium Theme Worth The Price?

When starting out with WordPress, the tendency is to look for free themes to start your web site inexpensively. Are there situations where a premium theme makes more sense than using a free theme?
Downsides of Free WP Themes
There are many different free themes which provide various appearances to a […]

Why 1,559 Users Love Our Themes

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"The developers really have outdone themselves this time around. A truly responsive and highly customizable theme that is easy to use and easy to customize. You can pretty much change anything you want on this theme and make your page unique and stand out. Amazing! I have never seen a theme this great...thank you guys! " -
"All working fine for me. Breeze to use, easy to change styles with custom CSS. Its a nice clean theme with a lot of options, lots of widget room and plenty of design features to play around with to get the look you want." -
"I've been trying different themes for my website last few months and I discovered evolve about a week ago and it's amazing with the level of customization you get with it and how easy it is to configure." -
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