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A Guide to Free Website Templates

A Guide to Free Website Templates

Free website templates websites are easily available on the internet. These website templates are quite helpful as they are faster and save you a lot of time and money. If you have some understanding of Photoshop, CSS and HTML, then using such templates is a breeze. But if you aren’t familiar with these skills, then […]

What are Responsive Website Themes and T...

What are Responsive Website Themes and Their Layman Definition?

Responsive themes basically follow the responsive website design approach that aims to make websites that provide optimal user experience on different screen resolutions and devices like desktops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. A good responsive WordPress theme perfectly adjusts itself on a given resolution and screen size. Responsive themes give better usability and readability […]

WP Rich Snippets: Publish Professional L...

WP Rich Snippets: Publish Professional Looking Reviews in WordPress

WordPress’s plug-ins can add all kinds of functional value to its projects that a developer can imagine. It is up to the adaptability, versatility and technical knowledge of users to figure out which plug-in will work where. WP Rich Snippets, a plugin which might not feature on “The Most Amazing Apps” charts, however, it is […]

WP Experiments Review: Improve Your Goal...

WP Experiments Review: Improve Your Goal Conversion Rates

For any website, to be deemed successful and established, there are few key performance indicators, which determine whether the said claim, is correct and legitimate or not. These key performance indicators are: There could be more, depending on the client and Web sitedeveloper’s discretion, and agreements. However, the most important element, of all is usually […]

Tools WordPress Freelancers Should Not L...

Tools WordPress Freelancers Should Not Live Without

WordPress skills are most in demand today throughout the world, especially when it comes to freelancing. It can lead to a lot of exposure and some amazement as well as highly rewarding work opportunities. As the world’s website industry continues to grow and come up with new challenges, top WordPress developers have a very bright […]

Easy Pricing Tables Review

Easy Pricing Tables Review

WordPress’s functionality is largely dependent on the number of plug-ins it has to offer. These plug-ins have an amazing capacity to enhance the entire user experience of a WordPress website. When we talk about plug-ins in WordPress, we cover a broad spectrum of functions that are on offer. However, today we will only talk about […]