The alora and evolve theme include well over 15+ widgets. All these widgets may be  accessed via the Dashboard in Appearance > Widgets.

You can identify the custom widgets because they are labeled with "alora" or "evolve" at the beginning of the their names.






Simply drag and drop the widgets you want over to the right hand side where your sidebars and footer widgets are already shown.


Once moved across, go into each widget and add the appropriate information that is needed to make them operate correctly. There are a number of different fields and settings to choose between for each widget, but they should be easy to follow.



You are able to use multiple widgets per footer column, just drag and drop them into place as described above. You are able to add as many widgets as you want to the sidebar. Just be aware that the more you add, the slower the page will load for site visitors. When you have finished adding and completing the widgets, don't forget to hit Save to save all your settings.

Please see some important notes laid out below relating to specific widgets.

How To Setup The Twitter Widget


    • Begin by going to and sign in with your own Twitter ID.
    • Select the Create A New Application button.
    • Complete all the required fields. The name and description can be anything with wish; it does not have to be a specific name. You can leave the Callback URL field empty as well if you wish.
    • Once the app creation is complete, select the Create My Access Token button to create the all important codes.
    • You will then see all 4 items you need; consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret.
    • Copy and paste each of these items, along with your unique Twitter ID, into the Twitter widget fields in Appearance > Widgets section of the alora theme.
    • Remember to hit Save, then you're complete.

How To Setup The Flickr Widget


    • Navigate to Appearance > Widgets in your Dashboard
    • Locate the Flickr widget and drag it across to the sidebar or footer column of your choosing.
    • Select Get Your Flickr ID link,
    • After this, add your username in place of username in the field and select Find and it will generate your Flickr ID.
    • Copy and paste the new Flickr ID into the correct field for the Flickr widget in the Dashboard.
    • The default API key will already be filled in and it will function fine, but if you want to, you can also create your own by selecting the Flickr App Garden link.
    • Once complete, do not forget to hit Save, then you're complete.