The alora and evolve themes have a number of post types that can be used in your portfolio posts. You may choose a single image, a slide-show of images, or a video clip (this is built-in with alora, but with evolve you can simply paste a video into the content area).

You can also insert audio to you posted content by using the SoundCloud shortcode inside the Visual Editor. Check out the shortcode section to learn more about how to use all the shortcodes.

To make a single image portfolio post, run through these steps

    • Begin by Adding a new Portfolio post in the post area of your dashboard (Portfolio > Add New)
    • Look towards the bottom right corner where you will find the Featured Image boxes


    • Select the Set Featured Image and a media window will appear where you can choose the image to be selected from your media library. Alternatively you can upload a new one from your own stored media.
    • From there, choose Use As Featured Image, and unless you wish to make a slide-show image, simply choose a single Featured Image.


    • Then close the media window and then hit Publish, and you will have a post consisting only of your image.


    • Please note that if your image is not as wide as the default image width, then it will automatically be scaled up to fit into the image spot. This might cause your image to look grainy and stretched out. The default size varies with the your layout; however, the width of a full-width page in the alora theme is 940px and in the evolve theme it is 1140px. And so if your images are at least that wide, you should be safe.

    To make a slide-show post, run through these steps

      • Proceed with the same steps shown above, but when selecting a Features Image, set multiple featured images instead of only one
      • Choose Use As Featured Image for the first one, and Use As Featured Image then for each subsequent item in the slide-show list. The order matters here, in order for the slide-show to display in the order you want.
      • Then Close the media window and click Publish
      • Up to 5 Featured images can be shown by default. To go further and add more just alter the Post Image Slideshow number in the theme options, which can be found in the Post Slideshows tab

    To make a video post, run through these steps

      • Add a new post in the post area of your Dashboard
      • Go to a video site like YouTube and get the embed code for the video you would like to post: 1. Click Share 2. Click Embed 3. Copy the Embed Code






      • Paste the embed code into the Video settings box at the bottom of the page. You will also have some other settings there that you can configure.


      • Hit the publish button, and you will have a video post.