(NOTE: You can access all the shortcodes via the shortcodes icon on your visual editor. See this document if you need more information.)

The Counter Boxes shortcode let you place boxes on your page with counters that will either count up or down, depending on your preference. You can choose to place boxes in up to 4 columns. Here's an example of a single column box.

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This is a look at the settings page.



Here's a sample shortcode.

  • columns = number between 1-4
  • value = this is the number that you want the animation to go up to, e.g. 70
  • unit = the unit you want placed beside your number, such as % or $
  • unit_pos = prefix, suffix (whether you want the unit to go before the number or after the number)
  • icon = the name of the font awesome icon (tablet), or you may add an image URL for a custom icon that you uploaded. If you do use this, ensure that there is no “image=” value
  • border = yes, no
  • color = hex code #000000, or color name black or rgba values like rgba(0,0,0,0.4)
  • direction = up, down (whether you want to the number to count up or down)
  • insert your chosen text between the open/close tags