(NOTE: You can access all the shortcodes via the shortcodes icon on your visual editor. See this document if you need more information.)

The Counter Circles shortcode lets you put animated circular counters into a page. Here's an example.

This is a look at the settings page.



Here's a sample shortcode.



These are the properties:

    • filledcolor and unfilledcolor = hex code #000000, or color name black or rgba values like rgba(0,0,0,0.4) or “transparent”
    • size = a number in pixels like 220 (without the px)
    • scales = yes, no
    • countdown = yes, no
    • speed = a number in milliseconds like 1500
    • value = the number you wish the animation to go up to
    • for the text inside the circle, insert your text between the shortcodes