(NOTE: You can access all the shortcodes via the shortcodes icon on your visual editor. See this document if you need more information.)

The Lightbox function will pop your image up in a "lightbox" when it's clicked.

This "shortcode" is a little different in that you will not actually see any shortcode brackets like [ and ] when you insert it.

Here's an example of a lightbox pop up. Click on the image, and it should pop up for you.

ship in china


Another little trick you can achieve with this lightbox shortcode is to pop up an image from a text link. For example, click on the text below (see code at bottom of page for this):
Click on this is text


Here is a look at the settings. You will notice that you need to insert two images - one for the image that will pop up in the lightbox, and one for the thumbnail that the user will click on.



Here is the lightbox code for an image.

In order to trigger a lightbox image from text (or a button/button shortcode), it is very similar to the code above, but take out the "img src" section and add the text to your code.

  • title = the text description that will display in the lightbox
  • href = the link of the image, video or website you want to access in the lightbox
  • rel = this must remain as “prettyPhoto” for the lightbox to work
  • alt = the alternative text title that will show up when the image is not displaying
  • src = the smaller sized image is linked to here. Clicking this will bring up the lightbox with a larger version of the image.