(NOTE: You can access all the shortcodes via the shortcodes icon on your visual editor. See this document if you need more information.)

The Testimonial shortcode may be used for one or more than one testimonial. When adding more than one testimonial, the display will change to a slider to cycle through the testimonials one at a time.

Here's an example of two testimonials. After a few seconds, the second testimonial will appear.

Lorem ipsum faucibus feugiat luctus ligula vivamus ac et, etiam egestas et per condimentum volutpat sagittis, porta metus dictum duis nec pretium felis.
John Doe, John Doe Inc
Good. Very good.
Jane Doe, Jane Doe Inc


Here's a partial look at the settings page.




Here's a sample testimonial shortcode.

John Doe, John Doe Inc


These are the properties:

    • backgroundcolor = hex code #000000, or color name black or rgba values like rgba(0,0,0,0.4) or “transparent”
    • textcolor = hex code #000000, or color name black or rgba values like rgba(0,0,0,0.4) or “transparent”
    • name = the person's name who gave the testimonial
    • avatar = none, image (use "image" if you would like the image to appear)
    • image = link to image of person
    • company = the company name (usually the employer or owner of) for the person who gave the testimonial
    • link = the internet link to the company, including http://
    • linktarget = use one of these: _blank for new window, _self for same window, _parent for parent frame, _top for full body
    • Add the text for the testimonial where it reads “Testimonial Text Here”
    • It is possible to add as many testimonies as you want by copying and pasting the testimonial portion of the shortcode in and then editing where necessary
    • Should you not want a slider to display then ensure that there is only one testimonial between the