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Marco Alvarado
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Per documentation on:

Under evolve documentation it reads to use Alora as they are the same.

<span style=”color: rgb(116, 116, 116); font-family: ‘PT Sans’, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 17px; line-height: 25px;”>Here is the full width shortcode. It may be used in conjunction with any page template. However, should you wish your content or background to be 100% of the browser window, then you will need to use it along with the full width 100% page template.</span>


I switched to the wide mode and trying to use the shortcode to make the background color go the full width of the page.  Is this not the 100% page template? If not, where does that get changed? I went to:

Appearance > General Options > Select a Layout (chose the wide or far left option)

(Layout Style – Wide)

(Layout Width – 1200 Default)

I don’t see a 100% option.

This is what I used using the shortcode:

<span style=”color: rgb(68, 68, 68); font-family: Georgia, ‘Bitstream Charter’, serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 24px;”>




This is what I’m getting:

How can I get this to go the full width of the screen?

Thanks for your input.