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Terry Hamberg
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Thanks for the heads up on the other plugin. Checking in to see if there is any progress on the Theme Options appearance? (I checked the box but am I’m not getting emails about replies here, so I’ve been checking in periodically.)

I have a little more info from the plug-in developer, if it helps. Here’s the continuation of the conversation with him:

Me > Okay, thanks. Do you think it’s something that I could adjust on the theme to make it work?

Plugin Developer > Hmm, probably not since its part of their framework. Have you been in touch with the author? If its just those tabs, it would only take a few lines of JS to remove the jquery-ui dependency.

Me > Thanks, yes I did also reach out to the theme author. I did just send him your findings to see if that helps him narrow it down. And I think I see what you’re saying about it being on their framework since it calls out to a dropbox somewhere instead of something local I could edit, is that right? Hopefully he will know what to do with the JS (a little outside my level of expertise). If you have advice I could pass along to them, I would greatly appreciate it, although I realize this may be outside the scope of supporting your plugin.

Plugin Developer > No, there just wouldn’t be an update safe way of editing things. Let me know what they say. Thanks.

Hope that helps. Getting this to work would be a huge help for me (and I’m guessing probably others if multiple plugins using a standard jquery-ui thing produce the same problem.) Thanks!