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log into your server (where you host your site) go to your “file manager” look for “wp-content” open the file… look for the file named “themes” right click on it and change the name to “themes.hold” than you will be able to log back onto your sites dashboard…. than delete jet pack…. go back to your “themes.hold” file and change the name back to “themes” this will get you back on line
if you want the jet pack find the previous version on line and save it as a zip to your computer load it through plugins/add plugins/upload plugin…. but to keep it from updating you will than have to go to “edit” on the plugin and change where it says version 3.? to 3.4 to keep it from updating…… but like I said before it is now running on one of my sites…. and I still don’t know why lol but it will not run on my other sites…. using different theme so … not a problem…
hope this helps!