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Timothy Hall
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Something new I just discovered.
To begin, I decided to disable Jetpack’s Tiled Gallery option, and instead installed another plugin “Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack” ‘that is described by the author as..

Transform your standard image galleries into an immersive full-screen experience without Jetpack.This plugin is made from Jetpack Modules. You can get the tiled galleries with Full screen carousel with out connecting to account.

I am running this with Jetpack enabled, but the Tiled Galleries Jetpack feature disabled.
I am getting another result that suggests there is a theme-related component to this issue.

Here’s a 3-min screen capture movie that shows what I did and what I am now getting.

In brief..
Using “Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack” and the 2013 theme, I created a gallery by hand – it worked.
Then I switched back to the Alora theme, and without changing the page ‘I reloaded the preview, and the images in the gallery were no longer linked as a single gallery (as before) – in other words, each masonary gallery thumb on the front end would link only to that clicked image ‘with no next/prev behavior.

Wouldn’t this be a them-related issue?