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Joseph West
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Roman, that makes me sad {:-(

I like Alora for my more complicated site, but Evolve for the simplicity – the effort to replicate the Evolve pages in Alora was enough for me to choose Evolve. Having identically named plugins with different coding is unusual – surely the evolve plugin could be named something different and installed alongside.

I purchased the two themes in the Alora+evolve plus pack thinking they were independent, so to find out that they aren’t compatible with each other is disappointing. It would seem then that I have no use for evolve as in the multi-site config I cannot rely on any evolve features. The only way anyone would benefit from Alora+evolve plus pack is for completely independent installs.

Is there a features request/suggestions area where this might be ticketed? The only other solution would be me requesting a refund for the Evolve component of my purchase (I don’t want this as I like everything I’ve seen so far in both themes).