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Denzel Chia
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Hi Tad,

Thank you for providing the access. After quite a few trial and error, I found out that it’s a bug in Evolve+ Theme.

In your latest post, you set it to full width.
This cause a function in our theme to grab it’s post ID and values associated with it, and printed it’s full-width class, causing the sidebar to be pushed down. It’s not suppose to happen, something’s wrong with how our function grab the post ID.

I have provided a temporary solution on your website. I will need time to come up with a complete solution and test it in all possible setups before implementing in the next theme update. Meanwhile, you are very welcome to get back to me, if you still encounter any more weird issue.

While I was in your website, I saw that you used the plugin Site Origin Page Builder, because it uses text-widgets in content, our theme’s style code will also treat that as a normal text-widget and print it’s style.
I added the following custom css code in your Theme Options -> Custom CSS. This cancels out the unnecessary “bottom shadows” in your content.

The next custom css I added, is for pushing down your Blog title so that it doesn’t “stick” to the top.

That’s all. Thank you very much.