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Melissa McWilliams
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Hi Denzel,

Thank you for your quick reply!

I have tried de-activating each plugin, refreshing the portfolio page, and seeing if the featured images come back. I have done this with every plugin, except Gravity Forms and Theme4Press Core (as I am worried I will lose changes if I do so). Unfortunately, this has not solved the error. :\

If it helps, this is the bit of code which (if I understand correctly) was indicated to be problematic…

if( orig_logo_height + parseInt(orig_logo_container_margin_top.replace( ‘px’, ” ) ) + parseInt( orig_logo_container_margin_bottom.replace( ‘px’, ” ) ) > orig_menu_height ) {

However, I have no idea what this means… do you have any thoughts? (I am a complete newbie to web design!)