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Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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Hi folks,

Finally I have the solution for Parallax Slider Translation

1. Go to the root of the site
2. Find the directory wp-content
3. Create in wp-content directory the sub-directory polylang- (if there isn’t any)
4. Inside the sub-directory polylang create the following wpml-config.xml file
5. Paste in wpml-config.xml file the following text*
5. That’s it. Then you go to the polylang strings place and you see the new strings of the parallax slider waiting to be translated! It works!!!

*The text you should paste in the wpml-config.xml file

<key name=”evolve-theme”>
<key name=”evl_slide1_title” />
<key name=”evl_slide1_desc” />
<key name=”evl_slide1_button” />
<key name=”evl_slide2_title” />
<key name=”evl_slide2_desc” />
<key name=”evl_slide2_button” />
<key name=”evl_slide3_title” />
<key name=”evl_slide3_desc” />
<key name=”evl_slide3_button” />
<key name=”evl_slide4_title” />
<key name=”evl_slide4_desc” />
<key name=”evl_slide4_button” />
<key name=”evl_slide5_title” />
<key name=”evl_slide5_desc” />
<key name=”evl_slide5_button” />

For the above credits to Chrystl in Polylang support forum.

The key name for the parallax slider I found here in this forum.

Please, create a also this wpml-config file for the bootstrap slider and include it as an option in your next update. It is a very useful addon. Make the evolve theme even better!

Thanks folks for your support!