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Denzel Chia
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Please kindly look at the following screenshot.

There is a long list of theme files that cannot be loaded into browser, because they are inaccessible.
Actually, they are within the theme, they are not missing. Either your folder permission (chmod) is set wrongly or you have a .htaccess rule that is preventing the files from loading. If you install via ftp, maybe you missed uploading that folder.

I can also see that your font awesome icons are missing, which could very well be CORS issue.
For your information

I think all these issues you are experiencing should be due to server setup or a security plugin writing wrong .htaccess rule. I am not experience in server setup, so perhaps you should engage a developer with server experience to assist you.

Lastly, Sorry I do not have the authority to grant you a refund, you will have to contact my employee via our contact form.