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The following are steps to help you work better with Evolve Plus Theme.

1) First of all, update your Evolve Plus to version 2.0.1, this version has the fix to front page content boxes bug.

2) Install a localhost version on your computer and import demo content, use this demo content as a guide for creating your online website.

3) Clear your cache plugin’s cache if you have installed a cache plugin. Disable all third party plugin. Because incompatible plugin can cause conflict. We do not provide support for third party plugin compatibility fix.

4) Setup your site using Evolve Plus Theme and it’s required or recommended plugins only. Create your website. After you have confirmed that you have achieved your design, then you try whatever third party plugin you like to add. This way, if there is any issue, you can be 90% sure that it is a theme issue.

5) Please post your question in the correct forum, is in the wrong forum.
Can be confusing, if moderators missed that and gave you a solution for Alora Theme.

6) Please post url to your webpage that has any issue, this will help us understand it better.

I would like to highlight that layerslider widget is working properly.
Please see screenshot.
Therefore, it’s likely to be a plugin conflict or a cache issue, or setup issue.

Please try again.