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Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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Hi Imran,

Please tell me one reason that you changed the good old layout to this one in the boxed layout.

Thanks for the code but it doesn’t make any difference since it doesn’t return in the previous boxed layout.

I think very soon you will return the theme to the previous styling because the demand of your clients.

And DO NOT FORGET, Many people chose the Evolve theme just because it had the boxed layout.It is your trademark.

If you have something good you make it better and not worse. I’m very sorry for this.

Once more, could you please tell me in what way I can use the new styling in boxed layout?

By the way, it is not customization of the theme the demand of a user to work his theme in the same way like before an update. If an update changes badly the theme layout without cause, then the creators of the theme are obliged to help the user return in previous layout without any cost.

I hope this is only a bad moment in our good, indeed, relationship.

Hope you understand me

Best regards