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Denzel Chia
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If I am not wrong, you used a third party plugin text widget “widget_black_studio_tinymce” for your footer note.

This is not the recommended way. You should add your footer note via Theme Options -> Footer -> Custom footer instead of using a widget. The theme structure is not designed to work this way, not to mention the widget also has it’s own padding, that’s why there is too much empty space.

Using custom css to “forcefully” bring up the footer note will result in overlapping other contents on other pages.
Sorry, I think this is not the correct way, we should remove it, and start all over again.

Please kindly remove the custom css and remove the text widget. Please kindly use Theme Options -> Footer -> Custom footer to enter your footer note.

And in Theme Options -> Footer -> Number of widget cols in footer
Please set this option to “none”, if you are not using any footer widgets, this will reduce empty space.

After doing the above recommendations, we will see if we still require any further custom css.

Sorry for causing any inconveniences.