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The issue I am having is that when I add the items to the main menu, there comes a point when other pages that may have links to them, but should not be in the menu come up and the menu gets wider.

Sorry, I don’t understand this issue. You are able to add or remove any item from WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menu Just add those that you need. Uncheck the “Auto add pages” setting found at the bottom and it will not auto populate.

Under Appearance>Menu the menu stops at a certain point and the other options that were visible before are no longer visible and I have not been able to find a way to reduce the number of options or to fix the issue. At that point I have to do the entire menu over again. What is the menu “capacity”? Can it be expanded?

Same as above, you add only the items that you need to the menu.
Menus are a WordPress core function, not a theme function. Sorry, I do not know the capacity.

Also, I would like to know how to get the Login area in the Admin Toolbar that you have above. Tried some options…not liking them thus far.

This requires customization. Please contact us via our services page.

Additionally how can I customize a specific widget with title-background colour, header font style and colour, widget outline and content background colours? They are the two on the left at the top.

I see that your widgets are already styled with different colors.
Perhaps you have already found a way to do so.

Also, I would like my sidebars to be wider on the homepage…the left one to expand to the left the right one to expand to the right so that the footer left and right widgets are centered under the top ones. Is there a way for it to be full-screen where the center column is even larger?

You can go to WordPress admin -> Theme Options -> General -> Layout Style select wide layout.

You can go to WordPress admin -> Theme Options -> General -> Layout Width to set the layout width, the largest is 1600px.

If I have a drop-down menu, I would like to know how to prevent the main button from being “clickable”…only the sub-menu options. How can this be done?

Sorry, this can only be done by customizing the theme. Please contact us via our services page.