Jerome Battoia
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More informations about my issues with Alora theme :

I tried everything possible at my level to make it works properly.

I also use the wp debug mode, and i got this error :

” Fatal error: Call to a member function get_default_language() on a non-object in ”

wp-content/themes/alora/admin/index.php on line 75

My website is in French (first language) use polylang plugin.

I’d like to continue to use polylang plugin to develop my website, but it seems there is a problem with language, so i do not know if it a compatibility issue with the plugin itself or if this theme have a problem with french language (?)

I will continue tomorrow to test, but i’d like to have a contact with moderators or admins please 🙂

And in the worse case to be refunded please.

Many Thanks.
Best Regards.