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Please post your website url to your pages with issues.

My content boxes have an icon (font awesome) but they dont center properly in the circle that contains them.The sit at the top. How do I fix that? I can send an image capture?

I need to see your content boxes on your website, in order to know what went wrong and hopefully provide a solution to fix it.

Also, can you not “nest” shortcodes? Like if I have an accordian (Toogle) can I have a tagline box in it?

Sorry, our shortcode was never designed or tested within another of our shortcode, unless it’s written part of it. Therefore, we do not know if tagline box will work with accordion or not.

Oh and in wordress, whenever there is a field like description=”” I cannot customize anything in the quotes that have quotes cause then you get something like:

description=”bla bla bla“mathematically predict” which skills development path facilitates ‘next level play’ the quickest.”

Sorry, not sure what you are referring to, looks to me it’s a question about writing code. Sorry, we only provide support related to theme usage.