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Denzel Chia
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I believe we have updated our product page properly when we remove those premium plugins from our Theme.

With reference to this page

Under that heading “Two Remarkable Slider TYPES bundles for FREE”.

Simple Theme4Press Slider, Intuitive Elastic Slider, Integrated Support For Revolution Slider And LayerSlider Premium Plugins.

The 2 free slider refers to Theme4Press Slider and Elastic Slider.
As for Revolution Slider and LayerSlider, we only indicates “Integrated Support”, meaning our Theme works with both premium sliders.

And further down the page, under the heading “Full List of Features”.
We indicated that our theme is Revolution Slider Compatible and LayerSlider Compatible. Compatible, not Included.

We have tried our best in presenting our product, and we have no intention to mislead.

We have also sent an email to all our existing customers, informing everyone that we had to remove the two premium sliders from our product, and it will not be available in latest version. This newsletter is also available under our Recent News column on this forum’s sidebar.

Hope my explanation is clear.

Sorry, I do not have the authority to decide on refund.

Since you cannot contact my employer via email, what I can do now is to personally contact my employer to look at this thread.