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Denzel Chia
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I had just physically went through installation and activation of BuddyPress Plugin with Evolve Plus Theme.

It’s working properly. There are only 4 BuddyPress pages that will be automatically created and assigned.

Before you install BuddyPress Plugin. Check that you enabled registration for users. Go to WordPress admin -> Settings -> General -> Membership Check the check-box to allow “Anyone can register”. If you do not want to do allow this, the register and activation page will not be automatically created by BuddyPress. Here is the explanation.

After you have installed BuddyPress and activated it. You can look for the auto generated pages.
Look for them in WordPress admin -> Settings -> BuddyPress Click the Pages Tab. You will see this.

The following is screenshot of the pages created.
Members ->
Activity Stream ->
Register -> (Need to log out of WordPress admin to see this page)
Activate -> (Need to log out of WordPress admin to see this page)

You can go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menus to setup your BuddyPress front and back-end page links to the menu.

Sorry, that’s all we can provide for BuddyPress setup support.
Please kindly contact us via our services page if you require any further setup assistance.