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Denzel Chia
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Can you explain, or send me somewhere I can understand how to create those different links in the menu for logged in vs logged out users?

I did not create them, they are there by default.

Go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menus
On the left hand column, there is “BuddyPress” section, click on it and it will expand downwards to show you the selection.

Additionally, I have created the Activate and Register pages (and linked them in settings) and yet it simply redirects me to my home page.

You need to log out of your WordPress Admin. This is a BuddyPress default behavior, it will redirect you to homepage if you are logged in, it’s because you are already logged in and does not need to register anymore…

After you logged out, go to your login page.
For example,
click on the register link at the login form, it will bring you to your register page.
As for your activate page, remember the url, after you logout, enter it in your browser and you will be able to get there.

I believe, I have already explained in my previous reply, as follows..

Register -> (Need to log out of WordPress admin to see this page)

Thank you.