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Good evening.

I am having another, similar issue I wanted to at least report as I seem to be having a great deal of problems with the Themes 4 Press Framework. I have deleted the site I was working on and readded it. I did not install any plugins other than the Alora theme / Themes 4 press plugin. With both active, I go to ‘customize’ under themes and I get a white screen (what was happening with before which I thought was a conflict with a plugin but was apparently something else). If I go into Theme options I am unable to save any settings. It just clocks. However, if I deactivate the themes 4 press framework which is, again, the only plugin I now have installed, both save and customize works. Since this is a fresh install it is beginning to appear that something is wrong with the framework. Can someone assist with this issue without requesting that I pay a developer?