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Hi! I read your other post as well as this one and I wanted to mention I was having a similar problem prior to reinstalling my (entire) site. I cannot get my site working now or I would give additional information. The issue I was having was that I would get a 404 error from the main menu if I selected a portfolio page. The page looked odd in that it was completely blue (my site was pink) with the URL at the top. Pasting the link would give the same error although the page existed and was published within WP (I was using the correct URL). Other pages worked, it was just the portfolio pages for me. As I mentioned, I did a complete reinstall of my site as I seemed to be having issues with the framework specifically. However, I just wanted to let you know that I was seeing something similar. I also have multiple sites I have this theme installed on and am having problem on all of them. However, I only got the 404 on that one site (but that was the only site I got far enough to create pages in). I use IX Web hosting (I saw you had Blue Host) and am on a Linux server.