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Denzel Chia
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I logged in FTP, but cannot determine where is your WordPress installation for this site. Please tell me the folder path. There are too many folders and files, I need directions.

For your information, I need ftp because I want to see if there is any error log in your server. I need to look for clues in it, as well as turn on WP_DEBUG to look for clues too.

I think it’s most probably has to do with PHP memory exhaust, meaning your server does not have enough memory to run all these software. The default WordPress themes are small in size, whereas Evolve plus theme and it’s plugin is huge in size, taking up lot of memory and processing power, therefore this is the most possible reason for causing error on your server.

I would like to highlight again, you can see on this forum, there are currently no users with the same issue as yours. If indeed it’s a PHP memory issue, would you say it’s a theme issue or server issue? It’s not possible to create a small theme with this much features, if not, everybody would have been contented just to run WordPress default theme.