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Eli Kassel
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Hi there,
Thank you for your replay.
I deleted the evolve tabs widget and then checked for this error in javascript but there is still have an error. When I’m clicking in this link of error that have in right side of error name, it’s taking to:
Javascript arror

/* Video overlapping fix */

var url = jQuery(this).attr(“src”);
So you can see that this problem is at “Video overlapping” that I don’t have this option in my website.
Also when I’m clicking this link of the error – at the tab of browser, it’s showing the HTML info of this link/error that is under of this header name “Responsive Main Menu”. So I understand from it that it’s contacting to problem at this evolve theme when translating to be a “responsive”. Also when I’m clicking in this link, the main website ( that already open in the some browser in different tab, it’s changing to look of responsive them. Look at this image;
error link to responsive
Please follow at that and try to fix for me. Also for the evolve tabs widget. If you need my user name and the password for fixing, please let me know.
Thank you very much for your support!