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Harald Röh
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Hi Denzel,

yes, I see the docu now (I was previously a bit fast), but the docu advices to delete the current evolve+ theme and to install it with new version again.

What I do not like here is that I have to delete the current theme version with all my customization.

If the new update does not work as expected I am left off with a somehow damaged website.

I would very much prefer to keep the current version as a backup.

Is it not possible
1) to switch to a different theme
2) to rename the existing evolve theme directory on the server (say to evolvebackup)
3) install new version evolve
4) activate new version evolve

If something goes wrong, I could switch to my backup theme.

As far as I understand it, renaming the existing evolve directory would do no harm.
Wordpress would recognize the evolve theme in this directory and even show it with this name.
The newly installed version would show up with the same name, that is I would probably see two different themes (according to the 2 directories) but with the same name.

Is this a possible way to handle the update or do you depent that the old version is physically removed?

Best regards,