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Greg Vaughan
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This may be a separate thread, but now that I’ve updated to evlolve+ 2.5.1, several of my website pages look very different, especially the home page at: (although you will be seeing it via evolve+ 1.9). I noticed that custom css in v2.5.1 does not contain the custom css that was added in v1.9. I tried adding it back in to the updated version, but there were no changes in any of the formatting problems, so I removed it.

Is there something I need to do to retain all the formatting specifics of my site running under v1.9? Let me know if you want me to specify every formatting discrepancy. Generally, it’s font sizes, some font colors, content boxes and their icons. Help. I like the clean look of your update, but my website needs to be exactly as it was visually.