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Reinhard Haberfellner
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Hi Denzel
Thx for the hint , here is the response from my ISP , who checked the PHP stuff:

[Mon Dec 21 16:58:28 2015] [error]

  • PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘alora’ (T_STRING) in /usr/local/www/apache22/data/efischer/ on line 247, referer:

    Habe mir dann die “Zeile 247” in der genannten Datei “wp-content/themes/alora/single-alora_portfolio.php” angesehen:

    Fehler: es fehlte ein einfaches Anführungszeichen vor dem Beistrich:

    #vorher FALSCH
    (‘Teilen, ‘alora’)

    #jetzt KORREKT
    (‘Teilen’, ‘alora’)

    So he checked the line 247 and found that a simple ‘ was missing. See old version wrong and new verson , which he corrected and is right . Teilen is german and means Share .

    Pls look if that error is caused by Alora update or translation plugin ( Loco … )

    Now everything works and is fine here , thx again and nice x-mas vacation for all.