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1.- Size of Slider: ¿It is possible change the heigth of the slider? I use a Bootstrap Slider and I would like this element more thin. ¿How I can change it?

This is no advisable, your slider will be too small in mobile view. Text will overflow.

2.- Space between slider and content: It is possible to make this space more small? I prefer the content more closer to the slider.

Use the following in Theme Options -> Custom CSS

3.- Post Recent blocks: It is possible to edit in the blocks with recent post (“Ciencia”, “Recursos”) things like: color and border for each post?

Yes, highly possible.
Please tell me what color hex code for text and border.

1.- It is possible to center the image in the widget?

Use the following.

2- How I can change the backgroud color for an specific widget, such as Text/HTML widget?

You need to give your HTML a class name

3.- It is possible to center the Facebook Widget? It seems like left align.

Use the following