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That’s more than 2 question.

1. How can I add a posts slider in the posts index?

Use a posts page.

How to create a separate page for blog posts

Edit the post page and you will be able to see slider options. You can select a slider and add to your posts page.

I am aware alora comes with two integrated sliders, but none of them offers the option to create a recent posts slider.

Yes, you are correct. Please go our demo site to see what’s available in Alora Theme.

– I am using Smart Slider 2 two create sliders throughout the website. I also created a recent posts slider and placed it in the homepage of the website. However the posts index does not have a text editor, so I cannot add any shortcodes (… to include the recent posts slider …)

Sorry, we do not assist in modifying theme code or adding new features. We can only provide custom css codes.

2. When I create posts and insert images I cannot align them to the right as they always end up below the sidebar … like this …
This issue happens only with images. Text and other elements behave correctly.

Remove your customization.

This is what’s causing the issue.

Thank you.