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Hi Fobio,

a parallax animation full screen (left to right), not as a post-squared, in position I want, so ‘as it appears now in your demo on the home page. There is a short code?

There’s no shortcode for parallax slider. Though, adding a slider through a shortcode; the slider will be post-squared. In order to add slider by a shortcode; please go under any page or post and click on the short code button (see: ) you can choose any slider.

However, in regard to add full wide parallax slider on any page; please go under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Parallax Slider -> Slides (see: After adding the slides in slides field; go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Parallax Slider -> General (see:, if you don’t wish to show the slider on homapage then select the second option “Manually select in a Post/Page”. Then go to your any page or post edit page where you want to show the slier and go under the ‘page options’ and select the parallax slider (see: ).

Please read the instructions for more insight:

Setting Up The Sliders

Hope this helps.

Thank you!