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Waqar Chaudhry
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Thanks, Denzel,

Let’s try another way as I’m not asking for dev work to be carried out nor am I asking for code to be amended.

If a particular function from the theme is NOT used say for example; one of the sliders is there a way for that CSS and JS NOT to appear on the page that’s it’s defined for.

Example – Elastic slider will potentially have its own CSS and JS for it to work
If this is DISABLED from the theme options directly – how can we ensure that ITS NOT loaded on individual pages?
Can you use the CUSTOM CSS to DISABLE this CSS and JSS from loading and hence speed up page load time.
In my homepage, I am probably using about 3 functions – all the rest are disabled yet I have 21 CSS references. All I’m asking for is there a way that I can STOP the CSS and JSS from loading on the homepages.

Reason is that in the event that you guys update your themes, I don’t wish to break anything hence I don’t want a developer. It should be a simple enough request.
I’m not asking for elements to be moved or changes to certain elements. I’m asking for a disablement of the actual CSS and JS from being preloaded on the homepage.
That’s all I want to know.