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Denzel Chia
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Is there anyway to add images to similar posts with evolve+ or a way to make it work in jetpack again?

Sorry this will require customization, we do not provide customization assistance.
I can let my employer know about this request, and maybe he can add it in next version update. It will depend on his decision.

When I go to share a post to Pinterest I get this error message and no image is showing up.
Parameter ‘image_url’ (value http:null) is not a valid URL format.

Yes, there is a bug. The pinterest share button is not working properly.
For example. Sharing this
Will result in this error.

I will inform my employer about this issue.

My g+ images are not bold or boxed like the rest.. is there a way to make it match the others? 🙂

Sorry, I don’t think there is a way to change how it looks on google plus share.

Thank you.