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Tomasz Jancia
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I’m Sorry, been sitting on it long hours, forgot most important thing – link to the

1. When I resize window, elastic slider doesn’t resize slider images. 4 slides are the same resolution 1500×600 if I remember correctly.
2. In section our work, there are for images representing categories. When I click on each, slider is opening Lightbox, but Lightbox is operating only on them 4 images. How can I make him showing all images within each category? For example whole gallery from attic conversion. I know that I can open post regarding that category and view all images this way, but I want to do it the Lightbox in the middle of the screen.
4. Is there a way to get rid of the full-screen button in lightweave or better, swap it with close button? Close X should be in top right corner (somebody put fullsreen over there)
5. I’ve added facebook link into social media links, and enabled it to show in top right corner of the page, and in the footer. Can’t make it to show the Icon.
6. How can I make phone number and email address bigger in top of the header?
7. Is there a way to add different logo for sticky menu as it was in Evolve?

Thank you!