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I know the Alora Core uses the Redux Framework, which took 5-days to produce an update; I got the prompt for and updated yesterday (4/16)… didn’t help.

If Alora is dependent upon other core WordPress framework/updates… that might be part of the delay, due to requirements to re-code around the updated framework… but I agree, some info (good/bad) would be better than none.

I’ve already played the game of disabling all our plug-ins to see if it helped… nope.

I also have a couple of files that I have to re-customize each time a new Theme drops. I’ve already started a back-up of those files. Suggest we use this time to back-up our sites… prep for when the new/updated Theme is available.

This issue does drive the idea that we need to have an alternative Theme ready for cases like this… just never had the need to consider it before this.