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Greg Vaughan
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Denzel, we are getting there, but there are still a some issues I need your help on.

1. You misunderstood #1 in my previous post. I want to control the font size of the content box DESCRIPTION words. You gave me font size for the actual “learn more” buttons.

2. Regarding question #4, I want the logo to align vertically centered inline with the Title and Tagline (not horizontally centered as in Header 5 as you suggested). As you can see on the current home page, either the logo needs to go up or the Title/Tagline group needs to go down so they will all be inline.

3. There is too much white space between the Logo/Title/Tagline group (header) and the main menu bar. How do I decrease this space?

4. And finally, I want to add content (the three most recent blog excerpts) to my front page below the content boxes. How do I do that?

Thank you so much.