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Marcus Krämer
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Hm, I thought about this, but it is a 1:1 clone. Means I have copied all the files and transfered a copy of the DB directly into the new DB.
The only thing I had to change are the Blogname and URL’s in wp_options.

In the meanwhile I switched off all plugins, there is no change.

If I change the ‘Choose menu item hover effect’ to smooth, it looks much better by using mouse over the menu buttons. The font is crazy, but may be this has changed during the updates and can be configured.

I still have a ghost menu in the top on different workstations and browsers, reproducable. What I mean is: the switch between sticky menu and standard menu is not working well, I sometimes have both visible.

And light effekt of the the menu bar is not as it should be.

Let me go through the options to see, if reconfiguring will change the odd behave.