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Denzel Chia
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If reduxframework plugin is not installed, it will load the existing copy included in the theme, which could be outdated. Please install the reduxframework plugin.

Regarding your webform issue. I do not know what’s preventing it from loading.
You can use the following troubleshooting steps.

1) To know whether it’s a conflict with the theme.
Please enable any WordPress default theme and check if your webform works.

2) If it’s not a theme issue, Please disable plugins one at a time to find out which plugin is causing conflict.

3) You may have made some changes to your website setup that cause the form to malfunction.
Such as changing your website URL structure.
Try recreating a new form and use it on your site.

If the above does not help. Please get your webform company’s technical support to take a look at your site. Maybe they can pin point what’s causing this issue.

If your webform was working before, it will not suddenly stop working, it has to be something you did on your website that cause it to stop. If you did not update your theme recently, then it’s not cause by a theme conflict.

Try to recall what you did recently.

Thank you.