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Aldrich Arundel
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Hi denzel,

I did all the above and nothing really changed actually.. I did the jetpack, empty the cath and removed all custom css.

I now adjusted the sliders in photoshop so the tekst shows good again. However the slider on mobile still gets cut of.

On the mobile the lines of the menu are back only the logo is still not showing even though i took away all the css and didn’t paste anything back yet. So i think something else is causing the problem. The crazy thing is that on theme options and then overview (i think thats called like that because we have the dutch version) where you can see how it looks on the mobile/ipad and desktop) it does come up the way it supposed to be. Even the menu shows if you scroll down it appears correctly and that doesn’t show on our mobiles either. Hope you can figure out what it is..

Greetings kim

P.s. Do you already know how i can change the height of the heather because its has alot of white under and on top of the logo??