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Aldrich Arundel
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Thank you denzel, the css worked. I hope however that i can still use the first custom css that you gave me to align the logo left and the menu right but will see when i get home. and by the way i’ve been thinking, i dont know what blockes it but i know that it happend when i uploaded a new (different) logo a week ago. anywho it’s there now and hope that it stays there!

The slider however (witch is a hudge thing to me) is still not showing the right way on mobile device. It cuts of the right side.
The slider isn’t adjusting to the screen. And a friend sent me a picture of her desktop that the slider wasn’t showing the right way that the bottom was cut off. That was in the afternoon). Isn’t it supposed to adjust to the screen???

Sorry that i’m beeing such a pain! i just want the site to look perfect! <3

greetings kim