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Denzel Chia
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I had login to your website, and added some custom css.
Did the following

1) Fixed your slider in mobile.
The following is how it looks in my iPhone.

2) Move desktop logo to center.

3) Shrink desktop header padding to remove white space before and after logo.

and Denzel what is your home adres? i would like to sent you a small gift from the Netherlands to show how much I appreciated your help these couple of days…

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I can’t accept it, I am just doing my job.

Regarding Page Load Speed.
Do this only after you complete all customization.
Follow the guide on this page.

Use only W3 Total Cache plugin ( this is more than enough if used correctly ),
Disable minify, if it starts to show weird behavior.
Do not use auto optimizer, image optimizer, jetpack photon….

Thank you