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Denzel Chia
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Your site is loading super slow and sometimes does not load at all.
This is very difficult to work with. Please get your web hosting company to increase your processor core and memory.

I had written a plugin ( as a fix ) and installed on your website to make the setting Display header and Display Footer Widget Area work.
NOTE: Don’t use Blank Template, it’s suppose to be blank……no header no footer….

I had hidden the header for this page.

I had also hidden the header for this page.

Please make adjustments if this is not what you want.
You can hide header or footer… but don’t use blank template….

3) Button which has customized lenght in % responsive design (

I don’t understand what you want for this.
Please explain in details.

4) White gap in between yellow and brown on the bottom. It is only there when I have the 100% width template.

Please provide screen-shot and draw an arrow pointing to it.
I am color blind.

5) Where can I increase the header in the TOOGLES brown bar. The header is at the moment smaller that the text in content field below the toogle bar.

Sorry, I don’t understand.
Please provide URL and screenshot with annotation to describe your request.

Thank you