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Michon Kessler
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What i mean by it didn’t work is that it didn’t help the header stay full size. As soon as I removed the logo from the middle of the header the header shrunk back down to the little strip of background at the top instead of staying full size like it does when the logo is the middle of it.
Now it won’t let me change the logo in the middle. I tried to just change it back to the little logo up top and it won’t save!! I have clicked on save and publish all night then I got up this morning and tried again thinking it was just being unresponsive last night and that today it might work but it is doing the same thing, It won’t let me make changes.
When I click save and publish it acts like it is saving but the “saved” never comes up. And when I go to navigate away it gives me the warning that I have unsaved changes, am I sure I want to leave the page…