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How to make non-clickable parent menu item?

Use Custom Links in your menu.
Add # to the URL input.

I will be use two menus, top and main navigations…..

To combine both menu and move it’s position requires modification to theme files.
Please contact our developers for this customization.

I will translate alora to Polish language with Loco translate plugin. If I done it, will I be able to send it to you? Do you conclude it in the package in next release?

Please send it to my employer. He will decide to include or not.

What will be better for SEO?

Sorry, we are not SEO experts. Please use an SEO plugin such as
You can hire them if you require SEO advice.

How to turn off search icon in Header?

Go to Theme Options -> Header
Select Header #4
Find the setting -> Header Content Area For Header #4
Select any option other than Search.

Where can I find all alora HTML references/tags? I downloaded today the demo in Theme options and I looked the pages. I found for example fullwidth.

Sorry, I don’t understand this question.
You can view all HTML in your browser, by right clicking your mouse and select view page source ( in firefox ).

Thank you

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