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Denzel Chia
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You asked a question about reselling the themes.
Our system does not have this ability to let you resell your theme, unless you make a deal of your own and hand over your login account to the person whom bought your themes.

Even does not have the ability to let customer resell their themes.

Please take a look at all the support threads in this forum.
We do try our best to help our customer.
We don’t mind you asking many entry level questions, and it’s always a good start to work from demo content, by editing them to your requirement.

I am sorry that we do not cater to your special needs of having videos with narration to show you how to use our product. It’s a good idea and I will let my employer know about this.

If you have any more questions regarding your purchase, please use the following form to make a contact with my employer. His the best person to help you resolve your issue.

You are welcome to get back to me, if you have any question regarding how to use our product.

Thank you